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Medical mask anti PM2.5 do

By admin on Mar 14, 2020

Use a mask to prevent PM2.5 do, the mask on the market a variety of. Recently, Shanghai police also issued a new "stealth mask" U - known as nasal congestion, can purify the air through the filter. Do you use medical masks to prevent PM2.5?
As the name suggests, it is mainly used for medical staff to use at work, to be able to effectively protect the medical process of some of the bacteria particles. Mainly divided into the following three categories:
How to make fried gold free expert to guide the Bank of gold and silver TD bank account guide gold silver trading simulation software set gold desktop Quotes 1 disposable medical masks, also known as surgical masks, usually used in the surgery, blue mask. Disposable medical mask is divided into three layers, the outer layer is used to prevent blood or saliva splash, the middle layer of the main filter bacteria and other toxic substances, the inner layer of the absorbent layer, the middle of the breathing process of water vapor effective adsorption.
2 gauze mask, the market share of 50%, usually can be divided into six layers, twelve layers and eighteen layers. Gauze masks are white, the material is pure cotton cloth, after the skim, the production of bleaching. The mask is soft, non smelly, tasteless and free of impurities. After each use, the soap can be washed with soap and soaked with disinfectant.
3 medical protective masks, the medical industry's most professional protective masks, respiratory tract infections are the most protective masks, in the SARS, avian influenza virus and the current widespread use of Ebola virus protection. Medical protective mask is generally divided into three layers, the inner layer material is non-woven, the middle layer is a high efficiency electrostatic spray coating, the outer layer is a thin polypropylene melt spraying layer. The performance and effectiveness of the medical protective mask are significant, and the mask is mostly maintenance free type, and can not be cleaned after repeated use.
Well, understand the three different types of medical masks, and then talk about whether they can prevent pm2.5.
1 disposable medical mask can not prevent PM2.5, this mask can effectively filter the dust particles larger than 4 microns in diameter, and the blood bacteria can protect. At present, the main manufacturing standard in China is YY0469-2011 "technical requirements for medical surgical masks";
2 gauze mask even more can not prevent PM2.5, it can only protect the large diameter of the particles, is the three types of medical masks in the worst protective filtering effect of the mask, the domestic and there is no relevant testing standards;
3 medical protective mask can effectively prevent PM2.5, face mask in accordance with the GB19083-2010 "medical mask technology requirements" standard, can effectively filter diameter less than 0.3 microns of dust particles and pathogenic microorganisms.


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