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How to choose antibacterial anti haze mask for children

By admin on Mar 14, 2020

Haze, the core component of haze is suspended in the air of smoke and dust and other substances, can directly enter and adhere to the human respiratory and pulmonary lobes.As a result, smoking and other respiratory diseases are known. Smokers are known to have a higher risk of lung cancer than normal people by 60%, while haze contains more harmful particles, so haze is more likely to cause cancer than smoking.With the increase in PM2.5, haze is invisible harm to people's nervous system. It is worth noting that the fog and haze for children's harm is much greater than adults.

For the first time in October 17, 2013 to determine the atmospheric pollution, become after smoking has become the second largest cause of lung cancer. The source of East China lung cancer patients minimum only eight years old, and the reason is because the girls' cancer long-term inhalation of haze, PM2.5 accumulation in the lungs caused by inflammation, resulting in malignant lesions.
In November 26, 2014, maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shanxi city in Taiyuan Province, many parents take their children to see a doctor, according to doctors, patients with the same period in the previous month increased 50%, with respiratory diseases, the prevalence of haze weather is the main reason of.2015 in December 1st, Beijing Zaifa haze orange signal warning, Beijing Children's Hospital is already overcrowded, fog and haze to increase children's respiratory diseases.
Why haze maximum harm to children believe that there are a lot of people think that adults vital capacity is relatively large, the haze inhalation is relatively large, and the child should be a small lung capacity, inhaled haze less, in fact, children's physical organs, has its unique characteristics and rules, these are the parents should cause enough attention.
After the children's lung development from inside the tire has been extended to the birth of environmental pollutants can easily affect the development of the lung and pulmonary function, increase the risk of asthmatic disease in children period. Many studies have suggested that the children with impaired lung development relationship with the concentration of PM, showed that air pollution can change children's lung development. Fine particles in the environment not only with the fetal intrauterine growth retardation and infant mortality, and children's lung function damage and respiratory diseases, especially the effect on asthma children more.

If the haze is inhaled by children from the respiratory tract, it will be deposited in the alveoli, dissolved into the blood, damage hemoglobin oxygen delivery capacity, easy to cause blood poisoning. Haze contains harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide will stimulate the respiratory tract, causing respiratory diseases.So, in the fog and haze weather, we have to prepare for the baby to protect. In addition to reducing outdoor activities, we can also choose the appropriate child anti haze mask.
How to choose the appropriate child anti haze mask?
How to choose the appropriate child anti haze mask? We need to pay attention to the following points:
First, comfortable and breathable. If you choose permeability poor children mask anti fog and haze, will cause the child to the oppressed, cause the child to resist mask, do not want to wear a mask. The right children mask anti fog and haze will let the child wear a mask, still can not suppress normal breathing, nausea, and thus will not cause conflict psychology. For example, three butterfly children antibacterial ventilation and comfort the fog and haze mask is very good, the choice of a breathable and comfortable mask will let the children no longer resist wearing mask anti fog and haze, a habit of wearing masks, are not endangered by bacteria and viruses in the air, or spread of bacteria and virus. Take care of yourself at the same time, also It is conducive to the health of other people, to cultivate children's habit of wearing masks, but also to improve children's individual self-cultivation and national quality of civilized behavior.

Second, antibacterial and antiviral ability. Now the market of children's mask anti fog and haze is divided into fabric antibacterial mask and photocatalyst antibacterial mask. On the market of masks have overstated its fabric antibacterial function, ability of natural fabric antibacterial and antiviral effect is very limited; anti bacteria technology photocatalyst has high antibacterial disinfection performance, durable, safety, nontoxic, but in reality is the need to use in the photocatalyst attached on the metal chromium. Chromium non-toxic and tasteless, but the cost is high, the market there are many unscrupulous businesses in order to reduce the cost, do not use metal chromium, and the abuse of heavy metals, resulting in heavy metal poisoning of children, parents choose safety tips Effective photocatalyst antiseptic mask, otherwise it will not achieve the effect, there are health risks; the current Qingdao City plant health fabric research expert workstation developed three butterfly bacteria anti-virus mask anti fog and haze, the principle is to achieve the extraction of antibacterial and antiviral synthesis of new materials by using Chinese herbal formula, this technique has the advantage of green ecology, there is no security risk this group, especially for children.


Third, the filtration efficiency. A lot of people will have a misunderstanding of the filtration efficiency of children's anti fog and haze masks, that the higher the filtration efficiency masks the better. However, the higher the filtration efficiency masks, airtight high respiratory resistance to change, cause choking, causing physical discomfort, the new national standard < GB326102016> clearly pointed out: air pollution can be divided into A, B, C, D four grades, we should choose different masks according to four different pollution levels, so as to realize the environmental pollution in the air of different, different anti haze experience, such as in the haze index is less than 200, three butterflies do not filter or mask anti fog and haze The use of antimicrobial filter can achieve the purpose of protection of air pollution, not only prevent haze, without choking and discomfort; when the air pollution index is greater than 200, the use of anti haze filter, to achieve double protection, more safe. After understanding the new GB instructions, we should know how to choose different anti haze masks according to the weather condition of different pollution, more scientific and reasonable to protect the child's health. The effects of fog and haze of the health status of children, for our children how to choose suitable anti haze masks to protect children's health, has been clear in mind. So, choose the right child anti haze mask is Choose a guarantee for your child, so that the child can have a healthy body, a better future.


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