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Advantages of PM2.5 antibacterial anti haze mask

By admin on Sep 26, 2019

PM2.5 depth filtration mask can effectively filter the air blocking haze, the invisible killer of bacteria and viruses, car exhaust, smoke, haze, dust mites, formaldehyde, volatile chemicals, air pollution gas barrier droplets, fluids and secretions, due to automobile exhaust caused by PM10 pollution gas absorption effect, filtering and so on and widely used in medical and health industry, public. Both the filter efficiency, air permeability, antibacterial property, safety and other aspects are far beyond the ordinary mask.
PM2.5 mask add a lot of prevention, so more than the traditional mask function. For example, the lead carbon cloth can play (a function), the filter paper can prevent dust inhalation for more than ninety-five percent of the body, is a better type of mask. Some industrial areas also use this mouth mask, because the industrial area may exist inside a certain chemical substances or toxic gases, and lead carbon cloth PM2.5 mask has antivirus function.
PM2.5 uses a mask air filtration material, 0.25 micron level, can prevent virus intrusion. Intermediate mask filter adds no dust granular activated carbon, because the traditional activated carbon fiber mask is cast a layer of carbon powder in the filtering fiber, the fiber cloth is a part of the fine carbon powder particles, a certain the influence for users suffering from lung disease. After treated with fine granular activated carbon not only can purify dust, also can absorb toxic gases, to further improve the safety of the mask.


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