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80% anti haze mask is not up to standard: too high or poor product?

By admin on Sep 26, 2019

Because of the haze is more and more common, anti haze masks became an essential tool for many people to go out. In the anti haze masks sold behind many sampling quality supervision departments found that compliance rate is very low. In addition to the Shanghai Bureau of quality supervision and inspection, in March 2014, five provinces and cities Association Joint Association issued a mask product comparison test results, in paragraph 37 the mask in the sample, only 40% masks good filtering effect, can achieve the anti haze effect is both good and comfortable to wear only 9 samples; in May 2014, the anti haze masks online shopping consumer protection committee of Zhejiang province 25 batches of samples, were found not a filtration efficiency reached above 90%.
Reporters found that haze masks do not meet the high proportion of substandard, some of the product quality problems, and some are related to the standard dislocation.
According to the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau released information, the sampling is based on the standard of GB GB2626 2006< respirators -- self suction filter particle respirator. Reporters from 3M company responsible person was informed that the Zhejiang and Shanghai two sampling 3M resistant mask is used for keeping warm Kang for dust, and marked the "not anti PM2.5 mask. Therefore, the mask is not appropriate to detect GB2626 - 2006 standard. Moreover, according to the industrial standard of civilian masks is unreasonable, because the elderly, pregnant women and children are not suitable for industrial wear standard masks.
The Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau sampling results, Shanghai Xing Nuokang acrylic fiber under the Green Shield M95 anti haze masks 97.8%. filtration rate in spite of this, Shanghai Xing Nuokang acrylic fiber chairman Zhao Danqing said, "according to the test conditions of GB2626 2006, the air flow rate per minute up to 85 liters, and normal people when still breathing capacity is only 8 to 10 liters per minute, moving is not more than 30 liters. For ordinary people, the industry standard is clearly too high. In addition, the relevant standard facemasks and structure design, if too much emphasis on the filter criteria, will inevitably have to sacrifice comfort".
There is no standard for civil masks, and the industrial standard is considered too demanding. What kind of anti haze mask is appropriate?
In this regard, the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center of the inspection house masks are country Zhuo told reporters: "the key lies in whether the smooth breathing, and anti haze whether pass. At present the domestic market at least three or four dragons and fishes jumbled together into a mask, known as anti haze masks so it needs more in name than in reality, the national standard to regulate the market. At present, called" technical specification for daily protection mask > national civil respirator is brewing.


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