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Faceled Technology Co., Ltd  is a professional production mask, masks filter cotton, gauze blocks, and other labor insurance supplies company. Faceled masks from the raw materials into the factory to the product completion, are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001. "Steady progress and excellence" is the quality policy of Faceled. Flexible, punctual, stable and reasonable prices are its strengths. We welcome customers from all over the world to order or purchase various types of masks. And you are always waiting to visit the company and discuss business, Faceled is your best partner!

For a long time, Faceled Technology Co., Ltd. aims to be an excellent "occupational safety protection expert", takes the creation of safe and portable health protection products as its own duty, takes integrity as the foundation, builds the root with quality, changes and survives, explores in the market and explores in practice.
At present, the main products are: gas mask, dust mask, folding mask, active carbon mask, rubber mask, earplug, etc. after years of development, our manufacturing plant has large-scale and advanced production and operation, with system research and development capacity and complete testing capacity, ensuring the quality of products, which are widely used in civil and industrial applications, covering hardware processing Industry, ceramic industry, oil and natural gas industry, construction industry, mining industry, etc., products throughout the country, some products export.
Years of trials and hardships, time to witness the experience and growth, the company has been adhering to the healthy, safe and comfortable design style, wholeheartedly carry forward the concept of professional focus, wholehearted service, with high-quality and excellent material products, fine and meticulous attention to life, care for health!

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